Paper Machine Clothing (PMC))

  • dryer fabric detail

    dryer fabric detail

    Advantage: 1.Easy to keep clean and convenient to seam. 2.Compared with knitted mesh, the wear surface is longer and the service life is longer. 3.It is not easy to produce dry net marks, and it is easy to repair when damaged. 4. Larger air permeability can meet the needs of efficient drying. 5. The special material spiral dry net also has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high wear resistance and aging resistance. In its paper machine clothing production base , factory has ...
  • Sludge Dewatering Filter Mesh Conveyor Belt

    Sludge Dewatering Filter Mesh Conveyor Belt

    It is an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly net mainly used for sludge dewatering in papermaking wastewater treatment plants. Due to its unique herringbone design structure, the sludge is compressed It is easy to peel off after filtration, so it is easy to clean, the water filtration effect is fast, the stability is strong, and the abrasion resistance is good. It is suitable for municipal domestic sludge, press filtration of sludge from various industries and enterprises, paper pulp squeezing, concentrated fruit juice squeezing and other special industries. According to the different types of materials handled by each industry, there are also differences. We will have a professional technical team to choose the right mesh type for you.

  • Single warp Flat filament dryer Screen

    Single warp Flat filament dryer Screen

    This dryer fabric is designed for professional use in paper making, non-woven fabrics and other industries. The dryer fabric design process is unique, the dryer fabric surface is flat, the running performance is stable, and the higher air permeability can meet the needs of different processes. The raw materials are made of high-strength hydrolysis resistance, high temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance, which can effectively extend the service life of the dryer fabric, thereby achieving the effect of energy saving and consumption reduction. It is suitable for the paper cadres of special paper, cultural paper, and packaging paper machines.It can also be used for non-woven machines.

  • Double Warps Flat Filament Dryer Screen

    Double Warps Flat Filament Dryer Screen

    Double Warps Flat Filament Dryer Fabric. This high-quality dryer fabric is mainly used for  single-hanged in the “V” cylinder of the drying section of the high-speed paper machine. Its low air permeability and smooth surface can effectively improve the paper The physical properties and indicators can improve the drying efficiency of the dryer section of the high-speed paper machine. Compared with the traditional dry fabric, its special dryer fabric design can ensure the stable performance of the dryer fabric, and the thicker weft density can prolong the service life of the dryer fabric. The raw material of this dryer fabric contains specific fluorine molecules, and the woven structure design can reduce the viscosity, which is conducive to high-pressure cleaning. It is mainly suitable for these papers , such as corrugated paper, kraft paper, writing paper and printing paper.

  • Plain Weaving Dryer Screen

    Plain Weaving Dryer Screen

    It mainly runs on the dryer positions for medium-high speed paper machines , its advanced design structure can get stable performance and run-ability even when cylinder temperature up to 180°c ,its flat & smooth structure surface benefit for sheet physical characteristics and property .Apply on these paper grades ,such as high-grade corrugated paper ,Test-liner paper ,Kraft paper ,Ivory & duplex board and so on .

  • spiral Dryer Screen

    spiral Dryer Screen

    The spiral dryer is an important auxiliary accessory for the drying part of the paper machine. It is used for drying paper in paper mills and drying textile printing and dyeing products. It is suitable for speeds below m600/s. It is one of the most advanced drying and filtering materials at present. According to the specifications of a single ring, it can be divided into three specifications: large loop, middle loop, and small loop. Each specification is divided into many different models. It is used for drying packaging paper, cultural paper, board paper and pulp board with large basis weight. It is widely used in papermaking, coal mine, food, medicine, printing and dyeing and rubber products industries.

  • SSB Tri-Layer Forming Fabric

    SSB Tri-Layer Forming Fabric

    The SSB three-layer forming fabric adopts a three-layer structure design of upper, middle and lower. The upper layer adopts a smaller diameter diameter, weft and plain weave structure to improve the retention of fine fibers and fillers, and improve the uniformity and smoothness of the paper sheet. The paper web marks are light and easy to peel off. The lower layer adopts larger diameter wires and weft wires to improve the stability and service life of the forming mesh structure. In the middle, a pair of wefts are used to precisely connect the upper and lower layers into a whole, so that the upper and lower layers do not produce relative twisting and slipping. The three-layer forming fabric has good paper quality, strong dewatering ability, high vertical and horizontal stiffness, good running stability, and long service life. It is widely used on high-speed paper machines. The forming fabric is suitable for the production of high-end newspapers, cultural papers, tissue papers, etc.

  • Double Layer Forming Fabric

    Double Layer Forming Fabric

    The structure of the double layer forming fabric is generally a double-layer weft structure, and the manufacturing method is seam (H) [type]. Compared with single-layer forming mesh, the warp and weft density is higher. The structure of the two-layer forming net is more stable in size. The diameter and material type of single-face and machine-face weft can be selected independently, which can improve the life of the paper-making wire. The 8-shed double-layer forming fabric includes one group of longitudinal fiber shed and two group of transverse fiber shed. This allows fine fibers to be retained on the top layer, and thicker fibers are woven at the bottom to help obtain better paper forming characteristics. It is suitable for the production of medium and high-grade cultural paper, kraft paper and thin paper. Suitable for medium and high speed paper machines.

  • 2.5 Layer forming fabric

    2.5 Layer forming fabric

    Features: 1.Low permeability, smooth surface fabrics with very high contact area; 2.Very high contact area for improved drying; 3.Smooth surface for improved sheet quality; 4.Heat-resistance, high temperature resistance(180 degree); 5.Shrink-resistant,wear resistance, acid and alkali-resistant; 6.High dimensional and diagonal stability, good air ventilation. Usage of Different Types of Wire Mesh: Four heddle monolayer forming net suitable for making cultural paper, printing paper and packa...