• Jingxin Products

    Jingxin Products

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  • Operation of China’s paper industry in 2021

    Operation of China’s paper industry in 2021

    In the whole year of 2021, the national production of machine-made paper and cardboard was 135.839 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 6.8%; the output of newsprint was 896,000 tons, a year-on-year decrease of 11.2%. The operating income of paper and paper products enterprises above design...
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  • Spring Festival Vacation

    Spring Festival Vacation

    On the occasion of Chinese Spring Festival Vacation , Jingxin Fabric wish you a health and happy new year. May you success in 2022. The Chinese Spring festival vacation will begin from 28, Janu to 8, Feb. Please leave your messages or contact us freely once you have any questions or needs. Happy...
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  • Jingxin Fabric got Pakistan customer’ good feedback

    “It’s great,You fulfill your promise of good quality” , 5th, December, Cathy received Pakistan customer’s feedback. We can feel the smile in his face when he checked and tested our products. Before the customer met us, he had one bad purchase expereience from another suppl...
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  • Jingxin Fabric finished package and will ship to New Delhi port

    Jingxin Fabric 1.5 layer forming fabric finished its production and package , ready to ship to New Delhi port.
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  • Jingxin Certificate

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  • current market shipment suggestions

    current market shipment suggestions

    At present, one cabinet is hard to find, and it has begun to appear in some Southeast Asian ports. We have to grab not only shipping space, but also boxes. The latest price increase notice from shipping companies shows that the sharp rise in freight in Southeast Asia is not groundless! Last week,...
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  • US packaging papers shipments up 7.2 percent

    The American Forest & Paper Association has published its October 2018 U.S. Packaging Papers & Specialty Packaging Monthly report. According to the report, total U.S. Packaging Papers shipments were up 7.2 percent compared to October 2017 and up 3.1 percent year-to-date. In October: - Bag...
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  • Paper making secion

    Paper making secion

    The paper production process is customary broken-down in three phases, and these apply to all paper production plants. Stage 1: Forming Section      In this stage a “blade” of water with fibers is laid onto a big sleeve (a textile substrate, called forming fabric), running at high spe...
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  • forming fabric history

    As one necessary section in the paper making process, forming fabric experienced several generations since 1950 to 2000.
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  • Introduce new looms and start a new era

    Introduce new looms and start a new era

    Since the establishment of the company in 2011, Henan Jingxin Technology Co., Ltd. is based on the research and development, production, sales and service of paper making mesh. Main products:SSB Tri-layer forming fabric, double warps flat filament dryer fabric, plain wov...
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  • Characteristics and classification of forming wire mesh

    The forming wire is an important parts of equipment on the paper machine. It is a device for sheet forming and dewatering on the paper machine. It dewaters the pulp suspension from the headbox and runs the paper web to the subsequent sections. Polyester forming mesh is a commonly used water strai...
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